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Set up your
Ethereum wallet

Once you set up your wallet, connect it to NFTone by clicking the Log in button in the top right corner of the website. Learn more about how to set up a Ethereum wallet on our dedicated FAQ.

Fill in
your profile

Open your profile page and click the Edit profile button in the profile. Add your name and links to your profiles on social media. You may also provide a short description of yours and add your profile and banner images.

NFT type

Tap Create. Choose the type of NFT to be minted: a single, one-of-a-kind collectible (ERC721) or a multiple collectible that allows multiple copies to be minted (ERC1155).

List your
NFTs for sale

Upload an image, a video or 3D art. Add its title, description and add collection. Set up Royalties, Auction or Fix Price and click Create. Choose between Lazy- or Simple- Minting. Voila! Your NFT is created and ready for selling on NFTone. All data is stored on IPFS.

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